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Our 2CV

The charming French 2CV with classic car status

The Citroen 2CV, or Duckling as it is affectionately called, was produced from 1948 to 1990. It gained cult status, especially in the 60s and 70s, when it became the symbol of a whole generation. It was initially designed for a completely different set of people, as a cheap means of transport for French farmers.

On the road PDF (German)

One of the conditions that the car had to fulfil was to have a sufficiently soft suspension to transport a basket of eggs over a bumpy country road without damaging them. Its unique driving experience gave rise to nicknames like the “Rocking Chair on Wheels”. Almost as famous as the 2CV is the R4 from Renault, which also has the unusual stick shift on the dashboard next to the steering wheel. Enjoy the nostalgic charm and cabrio feeling in one of our two fun classic cars!

Free underground car parking

When you are at home, we can imagine that your classic car only has the very best of lodgings, and this is how it should be at Die Sonne as well. Park it in one of our free, underground parking spaces with CCTV surveillance – we won’t let it out of our sight.

Detailed road books

Discover the area around Frankenberg with your classic car. We will be more than happy to place our detailed and very precise road book at your disposal. Or we can propose individual routes and let you in on all the insider tips.

Savvy mechanics on-site

If you ever need professional assistance for your car, we have experienced mechanics who specialise in classic cars on-site. They are always ready to help and provide assistance at short notice.


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